Nothing more than a footnote (snow_leopard) wrote,
Nothing more than a footnote

On being bad at yoga

When people hear how much yoga I do and how much I love it people seem to assume that I am "good at yoga".
Which always bemuses me!
I am one of the clumsiest and least co-ordinated people I know.
After 3 years of yoga I still can't touch my toes on a regular basis.
making the move between plank pose and lunge pose I can't quite get my foot through between my hands so have to do a little shuffle to get into position.
And camel pose, don't talk to me about camel pose!

In any yoga class at least two thirds of the people there are "better" at yoga than me!

So why, then, do I do so much yoga? Why do I return and return again when I will probably never be as flexible or co-ordinated as the person on the next mat.

Firstly, I return because yoga is good for me. Not just in a "regular exercise is good for your health" kind of way but because if I go to yoga regularly I sleep better, stress less, worry less and am more focussed. I am a better person, easier to be around when I do go regularly.

Secondly, I keep going back as yoga is not a competitive sport, no matter how good I get there is always going to be someone who can balance better, hold the pose longer, manage the more difficult variation and that is totally okay!
"I don't need to be better than you, I only need to be better than me"
I can do poses and moves now that looked impossible during my first classes. I remember that everytime we did the third part of Awkward Pose my muscles would give way and I would fall on my butt. Then one time, a couple of months ago I did it, my muscles did what they were supposed to do and there I was - in the pose!
Over time and regular practice I improve - my toes get that little bit nearer in forward fold, my foot travels further forward in the transition between plank to lunge and one day, maybe, I will be able to do Camel pose.
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