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Adventures in Yoga

Earlier this year there was a deal on Amazon Local for 10 yoga classes at Yoga Express for £10. At £1 a class I figured it was worth giving it a go and during February and March I ventures forth to the Yoga Express classes. I really REALLY loved the classes, it was a strong challenging yoga class, that was just 45 minutes long. I left the classes feeling great.
The problem? The Venue! The venue is a set of studios that they hire out to different people - dance classes, gymnastics teams, yoga classes etc. I went 10 times over a period of two months and during that time I saw no evidence that the ladies changing rooms were ever cleaned. The same pile of stinking clothes sat in a corner for the entire time I was going. Some of the lockers contained things, which were also there the entire time I was going - I didn't investigate too fully, but certainly clothes and probably mouldy food as well. There were toilets at the venue, but only two, during my visits these toilets never had hand towels and on two occasions had no toilet paper either. It was all just a little much for my OCD! I guess if I worked nearer I could have got changed at work and just not gone near the changing rooms at the venue, but unfortunately not an option. So despite loving the classes I have not ventured back.
I did discover, however, that what they were teaching was a reduced version of the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Sequence.
So when I heard about Ashtanga Yoga Manchester and that they did an introduction to Ashtanga workshop I thought I'd give it a go.

So yesterday morning I ventured to the Ashtanga studios to see what it was all about. The introduction to Ashtanga course was 3 hours and basically breaks down the Primary sequence, walks you through each of the poses and tells you a bit about Ashtanga and the studio. I am left a little bit bemused by my experience really. In that I loved the poses - I love a good strong yoga practice, but non the less rather than my usual post yoga euphoria I left the studio feeling nauseous and tired - I went home and feel asleep for a few hours and still don't feel myself today. As part of the reason I do yoga is those mood boosting effects I am not sure that Ashtanga is for me. My other worry is that this particular studio focuses on "Mysore" style classes, which means that classes are not lead by a teacher, but everyone is expected to turn up knowing the sequence and work through it together in unison. I don't feel I am quite ready for that!
I note that the One Yoga Studio in Chorlton offers a Beginners Ashtanga class on a Monday evening so that might be something to try and see how I get on with it after a few more sessions. The University also offers 8 week beginners Ashtanga sessions. I can't make enough of the sessions to make it worthwhile to sign up for the summer course but I may look out for the autumn one.
In the meantime I have a few more exciting yoga adventures planned over the next few months.
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