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Yoga Update

So my last updates was about the Tabbycats which means this catch up post had to be about the other love of my life: yoga!

I have, for the past year been going to the Yoga Lounge rather than Bikram Yoga, partly because the class times were more convenient and partly because I have been doing a lot of Pilates Reformer (which no doubt deserves a post of it's own) which the yoga lounge offers. But this weekend the showers at The Yoga Lounge were being fixed and not fancying hot yoga and then catching the bus home drenched in sweat yesterday I took myself back to Bikram.
I was more than a little worried that, not having been for a year, I wouldn't be up for the challenge. But I was pleasantly surprised by how well I did. My conclusion is that I have increased in strength, determination and flexibility but decreased in my endurance. I was really pushing myself after the 60 minute mark, which makes sense as the classes I have been doing at the yoga lounge have been 60 minutes / 75 minutes rather than the hardcore 90 minutes of Bikram.
But I could tell the difference in my poses, I struggled less with almost all the poses, I managed to do Awkward pose for pretty much the first time ever without falling over backwards (well, at least for the first set)! I even got a well done from the teacher for my Toe stand, another first!
My bug bear this time was definitely Camel Pose - I really need to work on my back bends and forward bends as its clearly my weak point.
It was also nice to see the changes in the studio itself, a bigger studio, bigger and nicer changing rooms, a new teacher even more showers (though getting them to stay warmish for long enough to sluice down was still an issue!). The teacher was especially inspirational, her name was Aliza and I'd certainly like to go to one of her classes again.
This morning I am still feeling post-yoga fabulous - I have to admit that although Bikram is hardcore yoga nothing gives me quite the same buzz afterwards!
It was nice going back and its shown me that I really need to mix it up a bit, trying new things and new challenges has been good for me, but I should maybe not leave it another year before going back to Bikram.
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