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Adventures in Yoga - Part 2 - Nothing more than a footnote [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Nothing more than a footnote

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Adventures in Yoga - Part 2 [Jun. 24th, 2014|02:17 pm]
Nothing more than a footnote

Back in May I went to the Manchester Yoga Show and this gave me lots of ideas for workshops and different yoga studios to try (I even signed up for a yoga retreat in August). At the yoga show one of the things I picked up was a free pass to a class at One Yoga Studio in Chorlton. After my previous Ashtanga experience I decided to give their Monday evening "Ashtanga for Beginners" class a go.
So yesterday after work I caught the bus out to Chorlton. The studio itself is on an industrial estate, housed in the sort of unit you usually only visit to have your tyres changed, but this unit had been painted cream and turned into a yoga studio. The facilities are basic - a room to dump your bags in, a toilet and the yoga studio. The teacher had a Henry Rollins vibe about him - musclebound, tattooed, shaved head - I saw this as a good sign. It was a great class. Rather than the full hour and a half of the primary series it was a 1 hour reduced version of the primary series - the idea being that if you get to grips with this class you can look at attending one of the primary series classes they run. It was a good workout - challenging, but achievable. Jon (the Henry Rollins look alike) talked us through it all with humour and a few anecdotes thrown in. He wandered around and corrected poses. So very different and so much better than my previous Ashtanga experience. I headed home with a spring in my step and that lovely muscle ache that comes from a good workout.
I enjoyed it so much I suspect its going to become my standard Monday yoga class. Its £7 a class so even taking into account the £2.20 tram fare home its slightly cheaper than the hot yoga class I have been going to.