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How to fall in love with a Tabbycat [Oct. 8th, 2013|04:19 pm]
Nothing more than a footnote
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Having Ollie these past 2 and a half weeks has been a strange and crazy experience.
Previous to having him come to live with us we had spent just 20 or so minutes with him in his tiny enclosure at the rescue centre so we were pretty much strangers to each other before he moved in.
We have been getting to know him and he has been getting to know us.
Hanging out with Ollie at first was odd, there was this tabbycat in our house who wasn't Gabriel. He didn't look like Gabriel, he didn't feel like Gabriel and he didn't sound like Gabriel. I have slowly been getting to know Ollie and learning to love him for himself.

Ollie is of a slimmer build than Gabriel. Not that Gabriel is overweight, he is just of a stockier build than Ollie.
Ollie loves to be high up - in any room he will find the highest point he can reach and climb up there and perch (this has meant some re-organising of shelves and window ledges to ensure he has the space he needs).
Ollie is a snuggle bug - he loves nothing more than to find a human and to fall asleep on you or next to you - he will also happily wake you up in the middle of the night by using your stomach as a spring board to leap up on top of the wardrobe.
Gabriel expresses his affection with nose bumps (sometimes in such an affectionate manner you fear he may break your nose) and rubbing his face along yours. Ollie doesn't do this.
Ollie is less of a fussy eater than Gabriel, any kind of cat food is fine, but will lick the gravy or jelly off any cat food leaving the actual "meat" until later. He doesn't, however, like any find of "human" food - no tuna, prawns, chicken, cheese, noodles or any of the other delights that Gabriel ocassionally enjoys.
Ollie is, like Gabriel, very willing to express himself vocally. He is less chatty than when he arrived, but he wants something or wants your attention you will know about it!
Ollie prefers David - most cats do, I suspect its his calm demeanour. (Gabriel, before he came to us, avoided all men, expect David whom he decided he liked on sight.) Ollie has decided I am acceptable, if David isn't around!
Ollie doesn't mind strangers - so long as they are willing to talk to him, stroke him and feed him. Gabriel dislikes new people until they have earned his trust.

Ollie has, slowly but surely been worming his way into our hearts. He and Gabriel tolerate each other, will hang out in the same room if humans are present. Due to the good weather Gabriel has been spending a lot of time outdoors and Ollie will be confined inside for at least another week. The dynamic between them may change when Ollie is not in the house all the time.