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Nothing more than a footnote

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20:21 day 17 [May. 28th, 2013|08:32 pm]
Nothing more than a footnote

For the past 17 days I have been doing Wayne Leal's 20:21 exercise regime.
The premise is that you do the same (yoga based) 20 minute exercise regime every day for 21 days (following it on a DVD). He has settled on 20 minutes, because 20 minutes has been shown to be the average length of time you can concentrate and because the first 20 minutes of exercise has been shown to be the most effective.
20 minutes a day seemed a reasonable amount of time and as I do regular Bikram yoga, which is a 90 minute session 20 minutes seemed like it would be easy. It isn't!
The DVD comes with a book, which mostly is the sort of pseudo-psychological stuff these exercise plans are keen on, but along with all that comes with pictures of each of the postures and also alternative postures for some of them if you find the full posture too difficult. This proved to be an invaluable resource!
I would definitely say I would recommend it. Its "only" 20 minutes, but even so it pushes you and you find yourself sweating. For about the first ten sessions my muscles would ache afterwards. Though as I found I have gone on my flexibility has increased and I ache less and I find I am getting better at the postures I struggled with at first. I actually got my toes down over my head in the plough pose today (at which point I was so shocked I promptly fell out of the pose again).
My one complaint is that its quite basic, the DVD is the same 20 minutes exercise regime and an interview. It seems it would have been good to have some more breakdown of the poses on the DVD and / or some demonstration of the alternative poses. However I think its been deliberately kept "basic" as its been designed to try and sell yoga to the stereotypical man - the kind who thinks Yoga is for gggirrrlllsss only and that "real" men do weight lifting.
I have been combining the 20:21 with my usual exercise regime, but would recommend it by itself or in combination to anyone looking to increase their strength and flexibility.

[User Picture]From: venta
2013-05-29 09:22 am (UTC)
What happens now? Or, rather, what happens in four days? Will you carry on with the 20 minute sessions?
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[User Picture]From: snow_leopard
2013-05-29 09:30 am (UTC)
Everyday, no. Will I do the DVD a couple of times a week, or look at other similar stuff, then yes.
I think the idea is to increase your level of fitness over those 21 days and then decide what to do with that.
Its good in that when I am on the 9 to 5 shift I have got into the habit of getting up and doing the 20 minutes exercise before work. It wakes me up, and means I have done my exercise that day. I think I'd like to continue to do that.
Rodney Yee (who does some very good strength based yoga DVDs) has a Yoga AM DVD which is 5 different 20 minute yoga routines so I think I may purchase that and use that in combination with the Wayne Leal one to give me some variety.

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